Cambridge Fine Foods Limited

Cambridge Fine Foods Limited

Cambridge Fine Foods Limited

Address: 416 Franklin Blvd,
Cambridge, ON, N1R 8G5, Canada
Phone: (519) 621-3914
Fax: (519) 621-0960
Over the last 15 years, Cambridge Fine Foods has transformed itself into an industry leading processor of value-added food products. We are Federally Inspected, USDA Approved with a HACCP controlled food processing facility that specializes in high quality frozen meal solutions for both retail, foodservice and co-pack applications.

We are a company of meal solutions. We deliver better products across a wide range of categories through innovative production techniques and equipment. We offer proper regulatory certifications, quality parameters, food safety requirements, and can also fulfill your shipping needs. We provide product testing, nutritional labeling, formulation assistance, ingredient substitutions and other product development services.
Products & Services
Products & Services
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Specialty Pies
Beef Pot Pie (click for more info...)
Cheeseburger Pie (click for more info...)
Cheese Quiche Pie (click for more info...)
Chicken Asiago Pie (click for more info...)
Chicken Enchilada Pie (click for more info...)
Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna Pie (click for more info...)
Chicken Pot Pie (click for more info...)
Chili Pie (click for more info...)
Fruit Pies (click for more info...)
Italian Beef Pie (click for more info...)
Meat Lasagna Pie (click for more info...)
Roasted Vegetable Pie (click for more info...)
Samosa Pie (click for more info...)
Scotch Meat Pie (click for more info...)
Taco Pie (click for more info...)
Turkey Pot Pie (click for more info...)

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